Smile Alignments Can Be Improved With Invisalign®

Did you know your smile could be aligned with Invisalign®? Well, it’s true! Here at Chelsea and Milford Family Dentistry we care about your oral health and want you to have a healthy smile you are proud of. Invisalign can work with many different alignment needs, also known as malocclusions. These misaligned bites which Invisalign can help include overbites, underbites,... read more »

Save Your Smile From Bad Breath

Did you know you can save your smile from bad breath? Well, it’s true and our staff here at Chelsea and Milford Family Dentistry in Chelsea, Michigan, is happy to help you do it! Keeping your smile healthy can include keeping your breath fresh and healthy too. That is why we have provided you with this basic information on halitosis... read more »

A Fractured Tooth Might Need to Be Treated by a Crown Restoration

A minor chip on your tooth enamel can sometimes be repaired with a simple amalgam or composite resin filling. Yet larger fractures from a blow to the face, accidental fall, or other forms of oral trauma might compromise a large amount of the tooth enamel. Even if the fractured tooth doesn’t cause distress or heightened sensitivity, you should still strongly... read more »

What Exactly Is Dental Bonding?

What exactly is dental bonding? Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is often used to overhaul or improve damaged teeth with a resin or porcelain material. Oftentimes, dental bonding services can vastly improve the look and function of your teeth. For more information about dental bonding and its advantages, see below: - Dental bonds can be used as... read more »

Mouthwash and Toothpaste: The Facts

Did you know that there are a number of things you could do to protect your oral health? For example, you may already understand that you should visit our dentists in Chelsea, Michigan, at least once every six months, floss correctly, and brush your teeth on a daily basis. Still, have you heard that buying the right mouthwash and toothpaste... read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Fillings

Cavities can be scary but are preventable and treatable. If you fail to catch a cavity in time, and a hole is bored completely through your tooth enamel, then a dental filling needs to be used to fix the cavity. Two of the best options for cavity fillings are dental amalgams and composites. Here are some frequently asked questions concerning... read more »

Filling Materials Are Often Determined by a Tooth’s Visibility in Your Smile

Tooth decay is often caused by poor oral hygiene or small chips that go unrepaired. When tooth decay invades the healthy enamel, it will inevitably start to spread. Fortunately, if a cavity is detected early and it is small enough, Dr. Napieralski, Dr. Wisniewski, and Dr. Shayota can often repair it with a simple dental filling. Our dentists will first... read more »

What You Should Know About Tooth Abscesses and Infections

Do you know what the differences between a tooth abscess and a tooth infection are? Would you be surprised to learn that many individuals confuse the two treatments? While they share some similarities, there are also significant differences. As you know, your body can usually fight off infections well. However, because blood doesn’t flow to the center of your teeth,... read more »

Increased Fluoride Exposure Can Reduce Symptoms of Enamel Erosion

Your tooth enamel is composed of a dense matrix of mineral crystals. If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene, frequently drink acidic beverages, or have had an eating disorder in the past, it can deplete the mineral strength of your teeth. Significant enamel erosion can cause heightened tooth sensitivity and can also make your teeth more prone to cavities.... read more »

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Here at Chelsea and Milford Family Dentistry, we endeavor to use our new blog as a regular means for publishing valuable content for our community through monthly blog posts. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we’re able to further explore some of the most important topics pertaining to our industry and area of expertise here on our website through... read more »