All About the Enemies of the Teeth and Gums

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You deserve strong and healthy teeth and gums. Unfortunately, there are many things that attack your teeth and gums and harm them. These things are called smile enemies. It’s best to keep these enemies at bay so you can prevent dental issues and maintain a top-notch oral health. To help you do so, our dentists, Dr. Todd A. Napieralski, Dr. Brian P. Wisniewski & Dr. Jomana Shayota, are happy to tell you all about those smile enemies, which are:

-Plaque: Plaque is a white film that sticks to the teeth and causes problems. In fact, it’s often known to create cavities. If it’s left on the smile for too long, your smile can pay the consequences. It’s best to remove plaque regularly by brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and rinsing with mouthwash daily.

-Tartar: Tartar is the hardened version of plaque. This substance can irritate the gums, infect the mouth, and destroy your entire smile if you let it. This is because it causes gum disease, which is a very serious and dangerous dental issue. To avoid tartar growth, you need to keep up with your routine dental appointments.

-Acid: Acid attacks the teeth and wears down the tooth enamel. This is called enamel erosion. When your teeth are worn down, your chances of having cavities and tooth cracks increase. It’s best to avoid enamel erosion by limiting your consumption of acidic foods and beverages.

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