Chewing Gum: All You Need to Know

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Do you chew gum regularly? If so, you could be helping your smile. That’s right—chewing gum can do more for you than keep your mouth busy. To teach you a little more about chewing gum in Chelsea, Michigan, our dentists are happy to share some chewing gum facts with you.

-Sugar-free gum can help you prevent dental issues, like tooth decay and enamel erosion. This is because saliva is produced when you chew the gum. The saliva frequently washes your mouth and removes bacteria. Because it’s sugar free, it doesn’t promote cavities while you chew.

-Xylitol is an ingredient in sugar-free gum. It can help you prevent cavities because it makes it difficult for the bacteria to adhere to the tooth and harm it.

-It’s best to avoid chewing gum if you have the TMJ disorder, jaw soreness, or any other jaw problems. It’s also important to avoid replacing your oral hygiene routine with chewing gum.

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