What Really Causes Cavities?

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It’s no mystery that sugary foods cause cavities, but why does this happen? Understanding the process of how cavities form will help you be better equipped to prevent them and stop their progression.

Our dentistss, Dr. Napieralski, Dr. Wisniewski, Dr. Shayota and Dr. Anderson, are happy to explain the process of tooth decay so you’ll not only understand what not to do, but why. Furthermore, our team at Chelsea Family Dentistry in Chelsea, Michigan, is eager to share the facts about what causes cavities with you so you can be more informed and improve your oral health.

Another way of describing cavities is tooth decay. Tooth decay is almost entirely caused by the buildup of a bacterial film called plaque. The many types of bacteria in your mouth are what initiate plaque accumulation. When the bacteria the sugars from the foods we eat interact, they begin to produce acids.

These acids that are produced then break down the protective layer around your teeth called enamel. Cavities will start to form where the enamel is weakest. Tartar, which is a hard-calcified deposit, can also begin to form in areas where plaque is left to build up too long. This is why teeth yellow over time if they are not taken care of.

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