The Things to Think About Regarding Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Teeth whitening is a great way to finally eliminate your tooth discoloration and achieve the brilliant smile you have always wanted. If you’re about to take the first whitening step, good for you! You deserve to have the smile you’re proud of. However, before you begin treatment, Dr. Napieralski, Dr. Wisniewski, and Dr. Shayota encourage you to consider a few things.

First, it’s important to remember that not every stain can be whitened with teeth whitening treatment. This means regular treatments aren’t likely to remove stubborn stains, which would result in you wasting your time. So, it’s best to consult with our dentists before starting a treatment. This way you know which treatment can give you the results you want.

Second, unfortunately, some whitening treatments aren’t covered by dental insurance. If they’re not covered, they can get pretty expensive. To prevent any stress, call your dental insurance company and see if the treatment is covered.

Third, remember the differences between in-office and over-the-counter whitening treatments. In-office treatments are effective and time efficient and they can remove stubborn, set-in stains. Over-the-counter treatments can whiten your teeth within the walls of your own home, but results may not appear after some time. This treatment also has a difficult time removing tough stains.

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