How to Break the Ice Chewing Habit

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Did you know that ice can damage your teeth? To many, it is surprising that ice can damage your teeth. Because it doesn’t contain sugars or artificial sweeteners like so many of the other things we like to snack on, they think it is safe. It’s just frozen water after all, but the way its hard-crystalline surface reacts with our crystal-like enamel is where possible damage comes into play.

Our dentistss, Dr. Napieralski, Dr. Wisniewski, Dr. Shayota and Dr. Anderson, knows firsthand the damage that chewing ice cubes can inflict on teeth. Additionally, our team at Chelsea Family Dentistry in Chelsea, Michigan, is happy to provide ideas on how to break the ice cube munching habit.

Specifically, this is a major problem for women, because it often stems from an iron deficiency.

For those who find it hard to quit their ice chewing habit, here are a few alternatives:

– Instead of munching on large chunks of hard ice, it is recommended that you take smaller pieces of ice and let them melt in your mouth like candy.

– Baby carrots and crisp apples can be a healthier alternative for those who crave a crunch.

– Many places now provide a soft, more chewable type of ice, almost like shaved ice that is safe to chew. It is important to ensure that this is the case before chewing.

-Sugar-free gum is a great alternative to chewing ice, as you can chew safely without the possibility of tooth damage.

– Ensuring that you are properly hydrated is a great way to ward off the urge to chew ice.

All these and many more are great ways to avoid damaging your teeth by chewing ice. If you have more questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call at 734-475-8500. Our team is here to help you overcome your harmful ice chewing habit and looks forward to your visit.