Eating & Drinking Habits to Avoid

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We all want our teeth and gums to be healthy, right? Aside from brushing and flossing your teeth every day, there are other things you can do and not do to enhance or maintain the health of your smile. Dr. Napieralski, Dr. Wisniewski, Dr. Shayota, and our team are more than happy to tell you some eating and drinking habits to avoid.

Drinks Before Bed
Drinking juice, chocolate milk, or even milk right before you go to bed without brushing after can cause havoc in your mouth. The sugar in these drinks lingers on the teeth, thus leading to tooth decay. If you have a drink before bed, make sure it’s only water or that you brush and floss your teeth after.

Sweets Between Meals
Lots of us enjoy between-meals snacks. However, it is important that you be selective about the types of snacks you indulge in. Eating candy and sweets or drinking sugary juices between meals can potentially damage the teeth. If you’re feeling the munchies between meals, choose healthier snacks that have complex carbs. For example, fruit is a snack that is better for your dental health. If you would like sweets from time to time, eat them with meals. The saliva that you will produce during a meal will help wash the sugars out and keep your mouth bacteria free.

Drinking Soda
As you know, sugary drinks are bad for your teeth because they cause bacterial growth in your mouth. However, did you know that even diet sodas are bad for your smile? The acidity that exists in all sodas is actually more harmful than the sugars. So, to protect your smile, switch to water.

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