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If you have noticed that your teeth are loose, chipped, or even looking flattened; if your tooth enamel has been wearing off; or you are experiencing headaches or pain in your jaw, it may be time for you to meet with Dr. Brian P. Wisniewski at Chelsea Family Dentistry for an exam to see if you have been grinding your teeth.

Teeth grinding, or bruxism may be an unconscious reaction to stress. Or, it could be happening while you are asleep. Usually there are no serious risks involved, and in children, teeth-grinding usually goes away as they get older. However, severe cases can lead to damage to your teeth or your dental work, headaches, pain in your face and jaw, and problems with the joints located in front of your ears. Bruxism has many causes, such as stress or your personality type. Medications, and even alcohol, tobacco and caffeine use may also contribute to bruxism. It might even run in your family.

Dr. Wisniewski may prescribe the use of a mouth guard or a splint. The guard will be fitted to your upper or lower teeth. If your teeth have been damaged because of bruxism, The doctor might need to repair the damage with a crown, or reshape your teeth. If you have noticed it in your child, you should mention it to Dr. Wisniewski at your child’s next appointment. The doctor may also suggest other changes you can make in your life to help with the problem.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, and live in the Chelsea, Michigan area, call Chelsea Family Dentistry at 734-475-8500 to schedule an appointment with us today.