A Chipped Dental Crown Should Not Be Dismissed

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A significant dental fracture or a case of severe tooth decay can compromise a significant amount of tooth enamel. In many of these cases one of our skilled dentists can restore the physical presence and function of the tooth by installing a dental crown.

These restorations are typically created from materials like porcelain-ceramic or other durable dental material. The dental crown is then cemented onto its anchoring abutment with a very strong dental adhesive. As hard as your dental crown is there are still some things that can chip or fracture it.

Even if it doesn’t cause you any distress or discomfort you should still seek timely professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Todd Napieralski, Dr. Brian Wisniewski, Dr. Jomana Shayota, or Dr. Tyler Anderson. A prolonged delay could lead to more severe complications.

While waiting for your appointment at Chelsea Family Dentistry you should not attempt to brush or clean your damaged dental work. Any other necessary cleaning measures should be reserved for our professionally trained staff.

Once we have assessed the severity of the damage we will present you with an effective treatment plan which might involve replacing the dental crown or performing a root canal.

If you are in the Chelsea, Michigan, area and you have a chipped or damaged dental crown, you should not delay in calling 734-475-8500 to have it diagnosed and treated at Chelsea Family Dentistry.